Recycling is collected weekly from residential homes, mobile home parks, and apartments and condos. Collection for apartments and condos varies by complex; contact your property manager for details. Find your collection day using the Residential Services Lookup.

  • Separate materials from each other. (Except plastic bottle caps can stay on plastic bottles.)
  • The cleaner and drier, the better.
  • Leave items loose, not bagged. Flatten items such as cardboard. Don’t overfill your cart or bin.
  • Never put extra garbage in your recycling cart/bin! 
  • No Hazardous Waste in the recycling cart or bin.
  • When in doubt, find out! Any items you’re unsure of should go in the garbage cart or bin.  
  • Print out the handy Recycling Reference Sheet to access from home.  
  • For items not collected curbside, you can call the Center for the Development of Recycling at San Jose State for help: (408) 924-5453.  

Set-Out Instructions: